Yea.Living a really GREAT life now!3assignments to hand in and 3midterms next week ranging 7-10chapters each subjects.I'm in deep shit situation now.

Just cut my fringe today and it cost me RM7 like WTF?!just a fringe in peninsular it was only RM2 or 3.Fark! ==

Screw you screw me screw everybody assignment here I go but first let me take a nap.


Procrastinate Awhile

It's really really been awhile I haven't update anything here.Life been busy and approaching seniors year is expecting to be a lil more tougher than before but also at the same time it's more interesting time ahead.

Have not been contacting with the mom since the start of sem and I kinda miss her actually.So does the friends who studying and working respectively back in different city.Life is always about looking forward,that's y I shouldn't regret on making any decisions I've made before and it would be a lifetime experience ahead.

Been thinking a lot lately and saw some really sadistic case happened which proves that life is really fragile where you don't know when you're exposed to danger or unfortunate events.

What an emo night,sigh.
Assignments aside..i'm coming to seriously.
I'm still the old me.Procrastinate like always.
I'm suck.