Eating early Mooncakes =) was totally an awesome celebration though we all are tired with all the things.I am really really appreciated what I've been through during this whole holidays with you guys.Bunch of nice friends and I will seriously miss you guys when i'm back to my uni.

...this time..27th August 2011,it was our first time organizing Mid-Autumn Festival for the grads and for all the things we have gone through I would say that we are pretty lucky ;) though we are not good at preparation and planning and some ppl were lack of commitment but till the end they were not. =D

Throughout the whole event everything runs pretty smooth as we didn't went through a full rehearsal before that so I will still give ourselves an applause for the great job we did. (why did it never runs well we know it ourselves *evil laugh*)

As part of this event committee,I'm feeling great because of taking part in it and we were amazed that such event did actually brings back a lot of friends which we have never seen since we graduate some I guess.It's really nice to see friends back in those days and remembered our days in high school and the memories we shared. =)

It's pretty awesome for me though I'm tired but it's a wonderful day for me and I wish it would be better each and every year coming and I'll definitely be old enough to participate as attendance next time.

with love.

My Quote =)

Life is like Spaceshot,it took minutes to get up but it falls in seconds








All By Myself

As I always wanted to do something which I've never done before,that is going to the cinema all by myself.

And YES.I did it.Without any hesitation and nothing goes wrong which I always thought that going to cinema alone will be something really lonely-pity-funny action.But not at all for me now,it's actually quite nice when you don't have to plan your schedule with your friends and what time to go out from home and start to fetching 123 of them.I know maybe the way Im saying is kinda offence to people who read this but you see there's another part of happy moment when you're with friends rite?So that's life when everything is about two side view.=D

Watched Captain America today which I said I wanted to watch so many times till it's like going down from the cinema alry.Well the movie didn't gave what I was expected before though still acceptable and I was looking forward for the coming Avengers new movie. ;)

Nothing,just a simple post which I thought about life would be good SOMETIMES to be ALONE.

A Week had passed

Aiyagooo~It's one week past and I felt time is slow somehow maybe because this whole week I was occupied with busy task and jobs.
First it was the first part time event I did in my life and it wasn't a very perfect and well organized one so I guess I might skipped this part.But I still enjoyed playing and having the sad,moody,emotional and grumpy mood together with my friends and I really get to see a lot of things and learn a lot of things in the job.

Coming was yesterday that me and the friends thinking of going for one day trip earlier before,and YES we did it yesterday!A one day Ipoh-Cameron trip.Departed early in the morning 5.30a.m before sun still asleep (it still feels like im working in island the few days before XD) and headed to Ipoh.It's been sometime that I've never visited places like this and have some great food.I couldn't forget the taste of the Taufu Fa with soya bean milk in a long queue with very unique business hours ------> 1030a.m until it was sold finished.

I really love Cameron Highlands after this trip and it makes me feel like I'm so close to the nature that I am part of it.We human do? Don't we?stop indulge yourself in IT world and step out to look for the mother nature we have and that is what we human actually rich in.Feeling the breeze and the top of the Boh Tea farm was somewhat a place to escape from the city stressful life.Put back everything and indulge yourself is for your own good.

And then today 7th of August is the day I'm being committee in my high school sharing event.I would not love to talk about this.The most happening thing today was heading to island for a Korean cuisine meal which I ever wanted to try! D.A.O.R.A.E!!!!


I guess that's if for this week.Short update.Till I'm lazy and busy.

GTF 2011 E.N.D

Aww...I just came back from the closing event of GTF!
Yes you got me it's Georgetown Festival again!But this time I couldn't continue more because it's THE END of it!!!!
How can I accept the fact that though just now The Esplanade wasn't covered with crowd but it just looks so nice,so nature,and that is what all about Penang.You gotta know more bout this land even you're a Penangite. =D

This is it!!!Many though it was some sort like so plain for the closing event.BUT!!!!Never look down on closing events because I pretty sure they put it at the FINALE there must be somewhat enough to proud about.Watching short film in the middle of the field is something I've never done in the past 20years of my life until today!wee~

What more I want to mention is there's this pretty-well-organized-fireworks in the end of the short film and it turn out to be my super awesome firework-watching since I was young.We lay down on the mat in front of the field and looking up in the sky watching the fireworks and it's like watching 3D in cinema Oh My Gasshhh! I was totally amazed by this and I totally felt I spent part of my holidays meaningfully by understanding more about my own precious land.

A very simple yet memorable post.Wish to join GTF again next year!
Well Done to organizer and of course,US!The VOLUNTEERS that helped out to lighten their workload.

Short film we watched.This is the few which I really favour. =D